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Facebook Algorithms...Are You Ready For More?

Yes, there's more. Frustrating for businesses and every-day users alike. Here's a quick update on what Facebook has told us to look for over the last few days.

So, last month Facebook informed us that it would be improving the News Feed by increasing the relevance of the content. Part of the determination of what is “relevant” would come from user surveys concerning new updates.

I never got a survey….did you? Meanwhile, I’m constantly looking in different places for my client’s business pages, searching cluelessly for my own personal information, and struggling to share posts via mobile because they’ve changed it…again. But I digress.

Essentially, Facebook will be using insights to determine both what is more relevant and to reduce the reach of less engaging posts, the focus of this month’s algorithm updates. This means that even clickbaits and quizzes will be weeded out because users have determined them as non-engaging. All in all a good thing. Any social media marketer worth their salt knows that their content should be relevant.

Also, posts from users’ closest friends will be at the top of the news feed. This does not mean that all content except for friends will be weeded out, only that there will definitely be an order of importance. Additionally, Facebook is addressing concerns that significant updates within social circles have being hidden.

What Does It All Mean??

So what does that mean for marketers and small business owners that are struggling to stay in the loop? First of all, it seems our reach will most definitely be impacted. It will be necessary to look closely at our customer base in order to determine what is most relevant and entertaining to those who are most important.

Ultimately, keep an eye on your insights page to learn from any changes in reach and dips, which most of us will be seeing. Expect to be spending more time in the trenches. And, now that grumpy cat has thrown his last insult, maybe lay off the not-so-relevant cat videos as Facebook filler.

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