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7 Social Media Tips For Small Business In 2020

We're at the halfway point of this crazy year we call 2020. Small businesses everywhere have been faced with challenges of epic proportions. Some of these have involved relying more heavily on their social media and online presence. GreenKat Marketing has put together a few tips to help guide and encourage you while navigating through the struggle.

Commitment, Commitment…COMMITMENT!

Am I stressing this enough? Establishing yourself on any social media platform takes a total commitment to making it work. This includes creating relevant content that will engage your customers, targeting those who need your product or service most, and discovering what resonates best with your audience. It can take up to a year to establish yourself on social media, so don’t give up after a month or two. I know it can be frustrating, but your hard work will pay off in the end.

This level of commitment is probably the biggest reason why people decide to outsource their social media. Many small businesses struggle finding the time to actually run their business AND commit to time consuming social media demands (while still having a life!).

Be Authentic…

Show Them Who You Really Are!

Just like people, brands have their own personality. Ask yourself what makes your brand special, and how can this be used to connect with your customers. What EXPERIENCES can your customers relate to? For example, if you are a hotel or rent cabins, you are more than just a bed and a shower…why are people coming to the area, and how can your business help them enjoy it more fully? If you’re a restaurant, you are more than just a meal because people get hungry…what dishes do you serve that will enhance the diner’s mood or travel itinerary? Social media is more than just throwing out advertisements. It is about getting the customer to relate to you on a personal level.

Encourage Communication

Encourage your audience to engage with your content. Ask questions they can respond to, and always reply to questions, concerns and comments. Let them know their opinions and input are important to the way you do business. This is also a great way to create even more content for your platform…frequently asked questions can be turned into rewarding posts.

Find The Platform That Is Right For Your Brand

Not every social media platform will be worth your time and effort. Facebook is an excellent way for most businesses to communicate with their audience, but some find that Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram give them better results. Still others reach out through blogging on their website or Tumblr. My advice, especially to small businesses with limited time and resources, is to pick one or two platforms that work best.

Be Visual

I cringe every time I see a small business post something without uploading an eye-catching picture, graphic, or video. I want to yell out No One Is Seeing YOU! Words are important, and by all means get your message out…but if you don’t pair your message with something to catch the audience’s attention, they will scroll right past. That being said, your pictures and videos should be quality…it directly affects the viewer's opinion of your business. Depending on your product/service, look into a professional photographer, competent marketer, or stock images that suit your brand. There are also many of you that would do a great job recording your own videos (which are a big hit right now).

Don’t forget, if people are impressed with what they SEE, they are more likely to SHARE!

Paid Ads and Boosted Posts

For a minimal charge, you can boost your social media to reach a larger audience. If you have recently shared something that is getting a good response organically, consider spending a few dollars to spread the word. You can control the demographics yourself…such as age groups, locations, and preferences…in order to target who will see your content. This is an economical way to increase your brand’s reach.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

As mentioned, social media takes time, commitment, and strategy. If you find you are unable to keep up, don’t feel defeated…you are busy running a business! And you are certainly not alone, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are you will consider advertising by other means, such as newspaper and/or radio. The hard truth is, in this age of streaming and online content, you are reaching a very small number of your desired audience. The results gleaned from this type of media are rarely worth the cost. Look for cost-effective marketers in your area (the closer to home, the better they can serve you) to help you form a plan and to get your brand out to those who need to see it.

Kitty Kleinhuizen is the owner of GreenKat Marketing, located in the majestic Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She holds an MBA in Marketing, along with three other business degrees, and a total of 10 years experience in the marketing field, social media management, and website creation.

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