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About GreenKat Marketing

GreenKat Marketing is dedicated to providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with effective and affordable websites and social media solutions. Our services include website design, social media management, video ads for social media platforms, graphic design services, and consultation/planning sessions. Ultimately, it is our goal to relieve the business owner of the monotonous and time-consuming tasks associated with maintaining a constant social presence, and to improve online image. 


When starting out in this business I listened to dozens of clients describe how one marketing firm after another charged them crazy start-up and monthly fees for minimal work and no real results. At worst, these testimonies included losing thousands of dollars, and even having to fight for the rights to their own websites! 

It has been my mission and promise since to tailor my services to the client's needs, always be transparent when it comes to the numbers, create healthy and open business relationships, and to Never EVER propose that cookie-cutter marketing gets the job done.

I am proud to be someone that my clients can trust to make a positive difference in their marketing and business endeavors. 

~Kitty Kleinhuizen~

GreenKat Marketing
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