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Just a few of our projects. Select the links to websites GreenKat has created, and browse some of our logos. 

GreenKat Marketing

Dry Dock Boutique

This site is in the "coming soon" category, and the owner has big plans! Created with beautiful imagery to display all the unique items, and uses motion to make a statement. 

This work in progress can be viewed here.

Copper Country Bow Works

Bold text and unique colors make this website stand out and tell the story behind the product. GreenKat also created the logo to represent where the bows are made. This site is live and can be viewed at

logo 3 transparent.png
sub logo transparent.png
GreenKat Marketing
GreenKat Marketing

Palenske Homestead

This e-commerce site had to wear a lot of hats! Soaps, livestock, produce, events, and pups. Greenkat did it all in a website that flows with content, illustrating the entire homestead. The owners manage it themselves now, changing pictures and products without issues...which is how it should be! Purchase options and product pages can be set up to suit your business, including product subscriptions. View this site at

Gitche Gumee Landing

Simple but functional, this website does exactly what it should...display and inform. Part of our service is photographing your business and items for sale, which saves our clients a significant amount of money they could use elsewhere. Although GreenKat cannot claim credit for the original logo, we did have to recreate it from degraded media. It was a great save for this long-time business! View the site at

GreenKat Marketing
GreenKat Marketing

C&M Oil Company

Another example of a company website with many different products and services. The home page is its own map to the site, with plenty of graphics to keep it interesting, and just enough motion to make it flow. This owner has taken advantage of different forms and scheduling, and is currently in the process of adding an external app. Visit the website at

Bessemer .png

The Konteka Black Bear Resort

This restaurant/hotel wanted an elegant design to demonstrate their offerings, along with a new logo and a full menu set-up. Although the owners opted out, GreenKat can also help you build a website with online ordering for restaurants, and online scheduling for hotels. See this website at

the konteka clear.png
GreenKat Marketing
GreenKat Marketing

Upper Peninsula Vacation Homes

E-Commerce for hotels, cabins, is a shining example. Along with the stunning photography taken by yours truly, this site utilizes an easy to use and versatile booking system that takes care of all the rental details, including imports from other booking sites. It also has a great manual interface which allows for independent invoicing when needed. Check out this gem of a website at

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